My History

I am the second of five siblings and grew up in Montana.

We were a creative, academic homeschooling family, involved in everything from singing in harmony in Spanish together to sewing our own clothes to performing skits for family gatherings to Bible Quiz.

I loved being homeschooled. It was a perfect combination of scholastic activities and plenty of time to read. Reading was pretty much my life. My friends and I constructed a history and culture of our own based on the books we read, and then we wrote stories about it. We had a grand life.

In high school, I went to public school for the first time and learned, clumsily, about evangelism and missions. I also discovered science fiction, which changed my writing entirely.

College and seminary were the eight best years of my life, thus far. I got a double Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Global Missions at Trinity Bible College and learned how much I loved Christian academia. Studying theology, Greek, Christian history, psychology, and missions simply enthralled me. I fell even more in love with it in seminary at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and that was where I learned I wanted to teach as well as learn.