Random Facts About Me

ChristyMcDougallReadingI am a bookworm.

I love books. I love reading and owning books and working with books and smelling old books and reading. Also reading.

I can never pick out a single favorite book. I love British and French classics, British mysteries, 1950s science fiction, retold fairy tales, children’s books from the first half of the last century, cookbooks, books on theology and psychology, commentaries, the occasional biography or history.

I like reading.

I also like other forms of fiction.

I write science fiction.

If there is anything I like better than reading, it might be writing. I wrote my first story when I was 7 and really have never stopped.

I started writing science fiction at age 14 and have never┬áreally stopped that, either. Why science fiction? Well, space ships are cool. But really, you can do anything you want with science fiction. Any story can be retold in a science fiction setting, and that’s what I do, retell stories most people are familiar with in unfamiliar ways, from Bible stories to fairy tales.

I began discovering in 2005 and 2006 that writing science fiction is one of my ministries. Weird, what? My books are tales of redemption, restoration, and reconciliation. Though fiction, though science fiction, though based on a fairy tale or two, they each carry a glimpse of who God is and who humans can be when surrendered to Him.

Not published yet.* Getting there.

*Though I have written a few articles for BreakPoint, such as this, and this, and this.

I love theology.

Theology is the study of God. In Christianity, theology is the study of the revelation God has given us of Himself. Isn’t that all of life? Theology isn’t dry. It isn’t separate from life and worship. It’s in deeply examining what God has done and said that we come to know and love who He is and what He’s doing.

Koine Greek translationKoine Greek is my favorite language.

The Greek of the New Testament was the common language of millions of people, and it’s beautiful. Also it’s crazy.

For my own study and devotional purposes, I’ve been making my own translation of the New Testament. Translating is a great way to become well acquainted with a language you’re studying, and learning biblical languages is a great way to become intimately acquainted with the Word of God.

I love psychology and personality studies.

It fascinates me to study what makes people tick, inside their own heads, and to understand why they do what they do. Who God has made individuals to be and helping them fulfill that is very important to me.

Christy McDougall sitting on a fence, Missouri autumnI’m an introvert.

This doesn’t mean:
I don’t like people.
I’m shy.
I’m antisocial.
I can’t minister to people.
I can’t speak in public.

This does mean:
A lot of social interaction exhausts me, but having quiet time alone re-energizes me.
I like to think very deeply about everything.
I think before I speak, and sometimes I think instead of speaking.
Writing is easier than talking.
When I say something, it is nearly always well considered.
I love to get to know people very deeply on a one-on-one basis.
Once I do, I love having long and involved discussions on topics of mutual interest.

I’m 32 and single and I love it.

This doesn’t mean that I “have the gift of singleness” or am called to be single all my life, necessarily. It just means that I’m very content as I am.

But…I’d love to get married some day.

I’m leaving that up to God and not worrying about it.