Why Europe?


Europe is mostly Christian, right? Why would they need missionaries?

The Dark Continent

Alas, Europe is not mostly Christian. Westerners once called Africa the “dark continent,” but now it is Europe that is the dark continent. Africa is exploding with the Word and power of God, but Europe is running away from it as fast as it can. If being Christian is having a living, vital relationship with God, then Europe is less than 3% Christian. It is legitimately a vast mission field.

It may even be more difficult to minister to than the more “traditional” fields of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It may be more difficult to witness to someone who has rejected the historical belief you’re offering than it is to witness to someone who has never heard of such a belief.

The United States needs missionaries, too, and other countries are recognizing this and sending them. No matter the country’s history, there is always a need for people who make it their job to spread the Gospel.


In addition, Europe can be one of the best places to minister to people from around the world. The whole world comes to Europe, as it comes to the United States.

I worked for three months at an international church in Vienna, Austria, where I ministered to children from Nigeria, the Philippines, China, Iran, French-speaking Africa, and England. I met Nigerians who worked at the United Nations and Iranian refugees. While I may never go to Nigeria or Iran, I have by extension done ministry there because I went to Europe.

Now I will do the same when I go to Belgium.