Christmas Craft Bazaar (Items for Sale!)

November and December are slow months for itineration because of all the holidays, so I decided to go in other directions for raising money. In November, I held a pie sale at church just before Thanksgiving. Several people donated me pies, including one complete stranger, and I made quite a bit more money than I anticipated.

In December, I held an art/craft bazaar during a big Christmas tea and then again during a Christmas concert. Friends from all over the country (including two complete strangers) made and sent me items, and again I raised quite a bit of money. I can’t say just how grateful I am.

So much was donated, though, that I have quite a few things left (no pies, however), and I’d like to offer them for anyone to buy. Contact me at mcdougall.christy at gmail dot com or by sending a Facebook message, and we can work out a price (I’m flexible). If you want anything by Christmas, I will do my best to get it to you, but you’d need to contact me by the 17th, I think. Payment can be by PayPal, or you can mail me a check.

(P.S. I made the felt journal covers, and I can take commissions…)

Click on the image to see it larger and to read some information and see prices.

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