This is how we itinerate in Montana

These last couple of weeks, I have been traveling nearly constantly, and it has been snowing nearly constantly.

The last weekend in February, I went to Helena, about two hours from Missoula, and had two Sunday morning services there and one in Townsend, about 30 miles away, as well as a Chi Alpha service on Monday night, and I stayed with my aunt and uncle and cousins nearby in Jefferson City. While I was there, we had about 26 inches of snow. I took a lovely tromp about it in it one day.
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The drive to and from Townsend that Sunday was lovely. Mostly dry roads, lots of whispy, blowing snow, and the whole color scheme was gold, grey, and white. I stopped several times to take pictures and made it back to my aunt and uncle’s house just in advance of another snowstorm.

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On the way home from Helena that Tuesday, I had to drive over MacDonald Pass. I was concerned about the roads, but they were beautifully clear, and the pass with all its snow was exquisite.

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This Thursday I drove two hours north of Missoula to Bigfork, stopping in Polson for a meeting with a pastor. It started snowing again before I left Polson, and the road around Flathead Lake, windy, mountainy, with a steep drop down to the massive lake on the left, was…fun.

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Today I start off again for Eureka, an hour and a half north, and on Sunday after the morning service in Eureka, I’ll drive to Troy and speak in the evening service. On Monday I’ll drive about three hours from Troy back home to Missoula. By then hopefully the snow will mostly have stopped and the roads will be cleared. We have very excellent snow plowing in Montana.

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