The Villagers of Taylor, Nebraska

This last weekend I had an evening service in Taylor, Nebraska. It’s a tiny town and wouldn’t necessarily be much different from most tiny farm/ranch towns in mid-America, but a few people are trying to make it a charming and welcoming place for travelers to stop in.

An artist named Marah Sandoz has started a lovely gallery and art shop featuring art by herself and other local artists, and she has placed all over town nearly 60 larger-than-life-sized figures representing the town in the Victorian era. They’re lovely and charming and sometimes halfway hidden in unexpected, but appropriate places. I spent Monday morning walking around town and finding them all with a map Marah provides at her gallery.

I had spent the night at the Wildlife Motel, which is also charming and lovely, tiny but welcoming, run by a Christian family who treat it as a ministry. I recommend it as a place to stay. Not to mention that the countryside around Taylor is very lovely. I recommend that, too.

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2 Responses to The Villagers of Taylor, Nebraska

  1. Barry D. Van Wagner says:

    What an enchanting and captivating town with a Norman Rockwell feel. I like how the reminiscent murals have just walked off the walls and positioned themselves around the village!

  2. Luke Storer says:

    You did a great job capturing the heart of Taylor. We loved seeing all the familiar places. Everything made us smile.

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