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On Advent: A Quiet Hope

Advent is a state of waiting. It’s a short amount of time that symbolizes the whole history of the Jews waiting for their Messiah, the whole longing of creation for a Redeemer. Continue reading

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On Being A Female Intellectual

I’m particularly thankful for an upbringing that taught me not to see “female” as a barrier to anything I was suited to do nor as a detriment to any profession I might enter or activity I might want to take up. Continue reading

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Itineration is hard

In my former post, Theophilus*, I wrote about all that I love about itineration and how I was deceived about how nasty and horrid it’s supposed to be. But I cannot conceal that there are many difficulties about it and … Continue reading

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The AGWM Application Journey

There are multiple levels that you have to pass through: an initial examination of your application, an interview with someone from Personnel and Member Care, a second examination of your application if the interviewer recommended you to continue in the process, an invitation to Candidate Orientation in the fall of that year, a round of interviews at Orientation, verbal approval by the World Missions Executive Committee and Board, and finally official approval in writing. Continue reading

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