About Continental Theological Seminary

I first learned about Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) when I was at college. I was always hearing of professors and missionaries who were going there to teach, and now I can’t believe I get to be one of them.

CTS just celebrated its 55th anniversary as one of the premier Pentecostal pastoral training schools in Europe. Located just outside Brussels, Belgium, it is a truly multicultural school. Students come there from all around the world to gain education for their ministries all around the world. I love multicultural settings and can’t wait to be part of it.

Brussels is one of the most international cities in Europe. Located within easy reach of the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxembourg, it has flavors of all those cultures, plus more from the international, non-European community. Truly the whole world comes to Europe, and most of them seem to land in Brussels. What better place to go to learn about multicultural ministry and to reach out to all of Europe?

My goal is to make it to CTS by January 2015. Several current professors are retiring, and there is a need for people experienced in theology and biblical languages to take their places. I hope to help fulfill that need and contribute to the ongoing mission of Continental Theological Seminary.